Wilson Lake

Physical Characteristics

Area - 563 acres 

Maximum depth - 88 feet

Temperatures:    Surface - 70°              85 feet - 45°F

Principal fishery: Salmon, Lake trout, Small Mouth Bass, Chain Pickerel

Wilson Pond is located west of Wilton village. Its main inlet and outlet, Wilson Stream, enters the northwest side of the pond and exits the eastern tip meandering east into the Sandy River.  Water quality in Wilson Pond is suitable for cold-water game fish. Salmonid spawning and nursery habitat is available in the inlet.     A small native salmon population utilizes this habitat to provide a limited number of wild fish, which are supplemented with periodic stockings to maintain a fishery.  Lake trout naturally reproduce using the rocky shoals to spawn and maintain a productive fishery. Salmonid growth is good despite competition from warm water fish species. The pond is occasionally stocked with brook trout to supplement a small native population.  Wilson Pond is accessible via a public launch site located just south of downtown Wilton. The pond is open to fishing under general law in both the summer and winter seasons. 



Landlocked salmon
Lake trout (togue)
Golden shiner
Brook trout
Fallfish (chub)
Rainbow smelt
White sucker
Smallmouth bass
Hornpout (bullhead)
White perch
Redbreast sunfish
Yellow perch
Pumpkinseed sunfish
Chain pickerel
American eel
Landlocked alewife