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FOWL is more than an association about a lake.  It is a group of people working together for the betterment of their community and its prominent lake.  It is an organization focused upon educating citizens and neighbors of the benefits of coming together for the future of our lake and its benefit to all of us.  

Our membership is open to all who wish to support our mission of preserving and protecting the aesthetic qualities, the recreational value, the purity of water of Wilson Lake in Wilton, Maine and its watershed.

It takes a village….”

 FOWL was founded in 1989 as an association of lake residents with the mission to “preserve and protect the aesthetic qualities, the recreational value and purity of the water of Wilson Lake in Wilton and its watershed”.    Twenty-five years later that remains our mission and our focus.  However, over time we have learned that the 80 some residents owning property on the lake cannot accomplish this goal by themselves.  To paraphrase a former first lady, "it takes a village to protect a lake".  We need to involve and educate those who use the lake, who live in the watershed, who might come from surrounding towns and yes those who might abuse the lake – knowingly or accidentally.

To address the involvement of “the village” we opened our membership and enthusiastically recruit members from Wilton, area businesses and the surrounding area.  

In so doing we increased our membership from about 100 to over 300 members and we are still growing. Join us today!

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