Courtesy Boat Inspection Program

The crown in the FOWL portfolio of efforts has been our monitoring program.  Our Boat Monitoring program has a positive effect on the water quality of Wilson Lake.  We began               inspecting boats in 2003 with the objective of keeping milfoil and other invasive plants from our lake.  We know that plants are introduced to new lakes through the inadvertent attachment to boats and boat trailers.  Our paid inspectors assist boaters by explaining to them the dangers of invasive plants and assisting them to inspect their own boats so that it will become an ingrained habit that they will continue even when no inspectors are present.  We inspect all boats entering our lake on all weekends and holidays as well as Friday evenings to check for potential invasive plants.  Boat traffic is the main method that invasive plants move from lake to lake.   We began the boat monitoring program in 2001 and we dedicated our cookbook sales to this program in 2008.  We have had over 30 different students working in this program and numerous repeaters.                                                                                        

We check boats entering and leaving from Memorial Day until Labor Day.  Our annual cost exceeds $4000 which is partially offset by a DEP grant of $2000.  Most of the boaters are highly supportive of the program as they recognize the need to keep our lake free of invasive plants.  For more information on invasive lake plants click here.

We always need both adult and student help.  If you can possibly give us a hand, email us at:

Courtesy Boat Inspection Technique 

The ability to approach and speak to boaters is one of the most important skills an inspector needs to be effective.  Creating a relationship with boaters is an important step which allows an inspector to educate the boater about the importance of self-inspection.  Each year CBIs across the state watch the Courtesy Boat Inspector training video.  For years this video has been and continues to be a valuable tool for CBIs.  It illustrates how an inspector can approach a boater and the positive, friendly attitude with which the inspection process should take place. No matter how many times you have seen it this video will always provide good information.  Watch it now!

2018 State of Maine Courtesy Boat Inspector Handbook